The Growing Timeline of AI Milestones

The Growing Timeline of AI Milestones

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The tech we use nowadays is the outcome of a number of artificial intelligence milestones achieved by many unsung heroes. We travelled back in time and compiled a list of all significant artificial intelligence achievements that have allowed us to enjoy our current lifestyle. Let’s take a look at AI evolution over time. The timeline below highlights AI milestones that have been achieved throughout history. These achievements can be found in all areas of Artificial Intelligence. Because this is a growing timeline, new milestones will be updated on a regular basis.


Dec 1961

Stanford Cart With Cable By James L. Adams

Stanford Cart

Stanford Cart with Cable was the first version of Cart developed. The objective goal behind the development was to research effective methods to control any vehicle remotely using video-based information. The cart consists of 4 wheels, a steering, and an electronic motor with a battery. A long cable connects the..Read more

Jul 1961

James Slagle Developed SAINT Program

SAINT Program

James Slagle developed SAINT Program (Symbolic Automatic INTegrator) based on heuristic search problem-solving. The given system focused on symbolic integration in freshman calculus. SAINT was the first expert system that incorporates 3 factors i.e. knowledge base, inference engine and input methods. An expert system is a program that can work..Read more

Mar 1961

George Devol Invented An Industrial Robot Unimate

Industrial Robot Unimate

In 1950, George Devol invented an industrial robot Unimate. Thus, George Devol was the first person in New Jersey who worked on the General Motors assembly line. Read more March, 1961

Mar 1960

Man-Computer Symbiosis paper by J. C. R. Licklider

Man-Computer Symbiosis

Man-Computer Symbiosis was developed with expectations that men and machines would work together cooperatively. The main objects were: (i) Elaborate on the thinking ability of computers so that they can provide solutions to oral problems (ii) Enable man and machine work together for flexible results in complex structures without depending..Read more

Feb 1959

General Problem Solver (GPS) Invented By Herbert A. Simon, J. C. Shaw, and Allen Newell

General Problem Solver

Unlike The Logic Theorist, General Problem Solver (GPS) was based on the means-end analysis. User-defined objects and their respective operations and GPS heuristics together utilize means-end research to solve the problems. Get more insights February, 1959

Aug 1956

Artificial Intelligence Term Created By John McCarthy

Artificial Intelligence

John McCarthy chaired the first-ever conference on artificial intelligence, where he gave breath to field AI. The conference’s main agenda was to devise methods to teach machines to solve problems like a human. Read more August, 1956

Nov 1955

The Logic Theorist: first AI program ever Created By Newell and Simon

The Logic Theorist

Interestingly, Herbert Alexander Simon (1916–2001) was a very influential and famous social scientist who was an expert in cognitive psychology and finance. Simon was a consultant at RAND Corporation. Simon got the Logic Theorist idea from a printer who was printing a map using letters and symbols as input. Allen..Read more