The Growing Timeline of AI Milestones

The Growing Timeline of AI Milestones

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The tech we use nowadays is the outcome of a number of artificial intelligence milestones achieved by many unsung heroes. We travelled back in time and compiled a list of all significant artificial intelligence achievements that have allowed us to enjoy our current lifestyle. Let’s take a look at AI evolution over time. The timeline below highlights AI milestones that have been achieved throughout history. These achievements can be found in all areas of Artificial Intelligence. Because this is a growing timeline, new milestones will be updated on a regular basis.


Jun 2021

MIT researchers have created a self-sustainable microsystem


This research is funded by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory. This project is a perfect example of using a living system to generate electricity. Thus devised system won’t require any battery and can operate without any human input. The same research team discovered that electricity..Read more

May 2021

Brain computer interface records brain signals for handwriting

brain computer interface for handwriting

Researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute set up a brain-computer interface to record brain signals when a person thinks of writing a letter. That was a unique idea to record and recreate the expression of a paralyzed person who wants to write. The neural signal for each letter was recorded..Read more

Apr 2021

New Nex-Gen robotic Muscle Technology outperforms natural counterpart

cavatappi artificial muscles

Cavatappi artificial muscles work more like human muscles are built from polymer tubes that have the potential of twisting and coiling. These have the advantage over the actuators as actuators lack flexibility. They are very powerful and lightweight, outperforming human skeletal muscles. These twisted polymer actuators (TPAs) can contract up..Read more

Mar 2021

Our adaptive immune system uses reinforcement learning against germs

AI immune system

The adaptive immune system is our body’s second line of defense. The soldiers are classified either as T cells or B cells. T-cells are responsible for detecting the foreign pathogen and creating a response against them. Previously, the biology of T cells has been widely studies but detection and training..Read more

Mar 2021

Nanotech scientists create world’s smallest origami nanorobot

origami nanobot

The field of robotics does not stop surprising us. Cornell University scientists used a memory actuator to create a nano-bot that folds itself with a volt supply. A shape-memory alloy is used i.e. bends on heat/current and regains its shape when heat/volt is removed. This concept has been utilized to..Read more

Feb 2021

no-electronic robot born in University of California

no-electronic robot

Soft robotics is a new paradigm shift in robotic research. They offer flexibility and multi-environmental functionality, contrary to rigid robots. Most soft robots function based on pneumatic circuits (pressurized air and valves). But the main issue is their brain circuit that is usually heavier and requires electricity. Michael T. Tolley..Read more

Jan 2021

Swinburne University Of Technology Australia Researchers Introduced Neuromorphic Processor

Neuromorphic Processor

Researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology Australia and other continents collaborated to demonstrate the World’s faster optical neuromorphic processor with the capability of 10 TeraOPs/s. This is the fastest processing speed achieved by any single processor. While other ultra processors like Google’s TPUs can operate 100 Tera operations per..Read more

Dec 2020

Milad Abolhasani developed Artificial Chemist 2.0

Artificial Chemist

Remember Iron Man’s Jarvis? Artificial Chemist 2.0 works with the same charm. Milad Abolhasani from North Carolina State University demonstrated this phenomenon. Basically, it is a manufacturing system that enables users to select quantum dots for customized results. Quantum dots are colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals that are used in LED displays..Read more

Dec 2020

Scientists Developed Soft Robotic Gripper Similar To Pole Beans

Soft Robotic Gripper

At the University of Georgia, scientists created a small and sensitive soft robotic gripper that gently but firmly holds the smaller objects, even a minimum of 1 millimeter in diameter. This idea was taken from pole beans that twine against a rope or any other elongated structure. The process of..Read more

Nov 2020

DeepMind’s AlphaFold Won CASP Protein Folding Contest With Highest Accuracy

DeepMind's AlphaFold

Protein structure prediction is the most crucial part of drug designing and understanding how life works. DeepMind’s AlphaFold was initiated to understand protein structure at its best. In a Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction (CASP) contest, AlphaFold competed against 100 competitors and scored 87 while 2nd top competitor was at..Read more

Oct 2020

Waymo Self-Driving Cars Opened for the Public

Waymo Self-Driving Cars

It’s the very first autonomous car company to bring driverless cars to the public. These Waymo Self-Driving Cars are available in the greater Phoenix area, Arizona, with the full map. Users can download its app on their smartphones and call the taxi to the location. Previously, safety staff accompanied self-driving..Read more

Jul 2020

Google Launches Its Fourth Generation Tensor Processing Unit (TPUv4)

Tensor Processing Unit

Tensor Processing Unit is a unique Application-Specific-Integrated-Circuit (ASIC) specifically designed for AI acceleration in Neural Network Machine Learning. The software used in this structure is Google’s TensorFlow. Recently Google’s TPU has broken all previous performance records, measured in MLPerf benchmark competition. Google stood on top in 6/8 benchmarks, i.e., DLRM,..Read more

Jul 2020

CurialAI, The First AI System To Detect Potential COVID-19 Patients Within One Hour


Oxford University designed an AI program, CurialAI, based on tests taken in hospital emergencies within one hour like blood tests and other vital signs. The core team members were Dr. Andrew Soltan from John Redcliffe Hospital, Professor David Clifton from “AI for Health” Lab, and Professor David Eyre of the..Read more

Jun 2020

OpenAI released GPT-3 Beta


Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3 (GPT-3) is a powerful AI model for autoregression of natural language. It is considered the most amazing and most feared AI model in NLP, as it has the ability to generate human-like text models. Some antagonists believe that this model will pollute the textual quality over the..Read more

May 2020

Facebook Incorporated GrokNet, A Computer Vision Model For Online Shopping


Groknet is basically a product recognition system used by Facebook Shops. This system utilizes advanced computer vision, image processing, and neural networks for determining the details of uploaded images. Groknet helps determine object categories like “pen,” Laptop,” basic attributes like object color, material, size, and any other related information that..Read more

Apr 2020

Once-For-All Model Was Published By Han Cai And Team

Once-For-All Model

Surprisingly, AI edge devices produce high carbon dioxide. A study revealed that training off-the-shelf language processing system emits 1400 pounds of CO2. Training full processing AI from scratch can cause 78000 pounds of emission. Han Cai and his team designed an efficient algorithm for training networks once for all, namely..Read more

Feb 2020

AI Model Screened Out Halicin, A Strong Antibiotic Against Resistant Bacteria

AI Model Screened Out Halicin

Along with his team at MIT, Prof. James Collins used a machine learning model to identify a small uncovered compound from a drug used to treat diabetes. Artificial intelligence predicted that this compound could kill many bacteria with the least side effects on human cells. This AI model screened out..Read more

Feb 2020

Microsoft launched its Turning Natural Language Generation (T-NLG)

Turning Natural Language Generation

Turning Natural Language Generation (T-NLG) is a natural language generator with 17 billion parameters (outperforming OpenAI’s GPT-2). It can perform tasks like freeform generation, answering the questions, autocompleting the sentences, and summarizing paragraphs. Read more February, 2020

Oct 2019

Detectron2 Launched By Facebook


Facebook’s Detectron2 is an object detection platform that is implemented in PyTorch. Its previous version was implemented in Caffe2. It is now more extensible and flexible with high object detection algorithms like DensePose, panoptic feature pyramid networks, and the Mask R-CNN family. It can be trained on single or multiple..Read more

Oct 2019

Textron Systems Launched Ripsaw M5 Autonomous Battle Tank

Ripsaw M5 Autonomous Battle Tank

Ripsaw M5 Autonomous Battle Tank is an unmanned fully automatic electric war tank unveiled in the Association of the U.S. Army expo in Washington, D.C. It is the most advanced smart war wagon with multiple programmable capabilities, including customizable turret, 260-degree surveillance and situational awareness system, and routine clearing options..Read more

May 2019

AI Outperformed Radiologist In Diagnosing Lung Cancer

AI Outperformed Radiologist

Researchers from GoogleAI and Langone Medical Center, Center for Biological Imaging, prepared a deep learning algorithm that used lung cancer’s prior and currently computed tomography scans to predict lung cancer risks. In a comparison study, the AI outperformed radiologist algorithm competed with 6 radiologists to detect potential lung cancer through..Read more

Apr 2019

FAISS By Facebook AI Research

FAISS By Facebook

Facebook AI Similarity Search (FAISS) is a library searching for similar multimedia content using efficient search algorithms. We know that multimedia files on social media exceed trillions of terabytes, and it is nearly impossible to find out similarities within the content using simple SQL engines. FAISS By Facebook involves a..Read more

Feb 2019

GPT-2 Was Released With 1.5 Billion Parameters


Generative Pre-trained Transformer-2 (GPT-2) is a transformer machine learning model for auto-text generation. Using NLP and deep learning can perform various text-related tasks like answering questions, summarization, and translation. It has 1.5 billion parameters (training set). It works amazingly for short paragraphs but loses its senses for longer paragraph generation...Read more

Feb 2019

Scientists At Politecnico Di Milano Designed A Feedback Circuit For One Step Algebraic Solutions

Politecnico Di Milano

Linear Algebra is an integral part of almost all engineering sciences. Solving a matrix requires high computational power, while solving more complex calculations requires an extravagant setup. Matrix factorization is used in solving matrix equations, and it cannot be completed in a single step. Each step consumes energy and hardware..Read more

Dec 2018

Waymo One Autonomous Car Launched By Waymo LLC

Waymo One Autonomous Car

Waymo LLC is a self-driving car company under Alphabet LLC, a subsidiary of Google. In 2018, Waymo One autonomous car was launched in Greater Pheonix, Arizona. The core detection components were sensors, lidars, 360 surveillance radars that can detect an object 300 meters away. Waymo engineers developed a virtual driving..Read more

Dec 2018

Facebook Started Using Computer Vision AI To Filter Out Explicit Visual Content

Facebook Started Using Computer Vision AI

As the number of Facebook users grows, it is becoming hard to scan each post or data shared manually. Facebook started using computer vision AI and image processing to scan nudity and explicit graphics. Though there are many false positives but application is evolving day by day until it becomes..Read more

Dec 2018

Lovot, First Emotional Partner Robot Created By Groove X


With more than 50 sensors, LOVOT can sense your mood changes and act accordingly to change your mood from upset to excited and peaceful. It has beautiful color-changing eyes and a warm body. It is more like a pet or a kid that is controlled through a mobile app. You..Read more

Jun 2018

The First AI Robot CIMON Sent To Space

First AI Robot CIMON

The First AI Robot CIMON is a head-shaped AI-mediated robot that was developed by Airbus and IBM. It is, in fact, Crew Interactive Mobile Companion. Fully voice-controlled, camera and repair attributes containing robot was destined to reduce the stress of astronauts. Read more June, 2018

Jun 2018

OpenAI Built Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Model

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer is an NLP model for generative language modeling. Basically, its concept is based on the possibility that supervised learning can amalgamate with unsupervised pre-trained data sets for better and exponentiated results. GPT from OpenAI showed promising results and led the way for upcoming GPT-2 and GPT-3 models...Read more

Feb 2018

Facebook AI Research Published StarSpace Algorithm

StarSpace Algorithm

Facebook’s AI research division created StarSpace Algorithm for understanding user’s embeddings. User data on Facebook is highly unstructured, and analyzing such messy data is trouble for data scientists. By using user embeddings, this data can be classified and annotated efficiently. StartSpace helps classify text patterns, understand relational embeddings, and learn..Read more